Friday, June 15, 2012

A Healthy Relationship - 3 Ingredients You Must Have

After being in a relationship for some time, it is often natural to wonder if the love between you and your partner will last a lifetime. Most relationships take work, but more than that, there are certain pieces of the "pie" that must be present in order for the relationship to reach its full potential. So, what makes a healthy relationship? What are the necessary ingredients to make sure you and your partner stay together happily for a long time to come?


Compatibility is very important in maintaining a healthy and progressive long-term relationship. In order to be compatible, you and your partner must share a fair amount of similar interests. In addition to common interests, you should both share a similar way of thinking and have common opinions on a wide variety of subjects. Of course, where there are differences of opinions and interests, you and your partner should be comfortable with and accept those different interests as a part of the relationship as a whole. Lack of compatibility can often lead to or be indicated by excessive arguing which, in the long run, will surely hinder the progress of the relationship and/or end it altogether.


Friendship is what makes a healthy relationship. It is probably the most important ingredient for a long-term, healthy relationship. In fact, your love partner should be your best friend. You should be able to count on them when help is needed and vice versa. You should share a level of trust between you that allows you both to be open and honest about your feelings, needs, desires, and so on. Without friendship, your relationship is based on little more than lust or physical attraction which, by themselves, will only sustain a relationship for so long.


Even when you and your partner do share common interests and are the best of friends, passion plays an important role in whether or not the relationship will continue to progress. Though passion alone isn't what makes a healthy relationship, both you and your partner should feel a certain "magic" or bond between the two of you that goes beyond that of a close friendship. While it does take much more than physical or emotional attraction to sustain a healthy long-term relationship, both are still necessary ingredients in a relationship to keep things interesting and exciting. Without that "spark," you and your partner could be left with the feeling that something important is missing and even lead one or both of you in search of filling that void elsewhere.

Assessing your relationship is essential in knowing where you and your partner are headed. Is there potential for a promising future together, or is it time to move on? Without compatibility, friendship, and that "warm, fuzzy feeling," your relationship lacks the necessary ingredients to sustain itself through the "ups and downs" that come hand-in-hand with all long-term relationships.

Take the time to recognize what is a healthy relationship when you have it. Look for compatibility, passion, and true friendship with those potential partners when you're searching for the next great relationship. If the necessary ingredients are there, then enjoy the ride. Your relationship could surely last a lifetime.

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