Sunday, June 17, 2012

Communication - A Major Player in a Healthy Relationship

Relations need to be healthy in order for people to be content and happy. The question arises that what does a healthy relationship mean? Each relationship is unique and the feelings and emotions associated are also different for each person. There are multiple relations that a person encounters during their life; parents, siblings, family, friends and above all the spousal relationship. Some of the sentiments that people feel in a relationship include love, care, concern, happiness as well as anger, hurt and hate. A relationship cannot be called healthy just because people seem to be happy or enjoying themselves. Keeping a relationship alive and content requires sacrifices, compromises, care, love and above all communication.

There are a few steps or points that can help you determine if you are in a healthy relationship or not. Loyalty and trust are perhaps the backbone of any and all relationships. You need to have pure and honest feelings and intentions towards the people you are in a relationship with. They need to be able to trust you and your word without second guessing you or your intentions. The best way to establish trust between two people is to make sure that the other knows about how you feel and to spend quality time with each other. You will see that in relationships, communication is the most important thing; communication can be used to convey your intentions and help you gain trust over each other.

Respect and dependability are also very important factors as you need to know that you can depend on each other in time of need. Sometimes in daily life there are very small things that you need such as a bit of pampering or some small gesture to feel that the other person is there for you and cares about you. Mutual respect is the other thing that keeps a relationship healthy as you need to respect each others' space and their wishes. For a relationship to healthy there needs to be two-way traffic, because no matter how much one party tries if the other person is not reciprocating then the relationship will eventually fail.

To be in a healthy relationship you need to be responsible for your own happiness by the decisions you make and by how well you play your part. Again communication helps to establish a base or a mutual agreement that two people can follow in order to smoothly follow with their relation. A relationship is a learning experience and you may make a few mistakes as you go along but communication and care can overcome many obstacles. On a last note, forgiveness also plays a major role in keeping a relationship healthy and alive.

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