Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Characteristics of Healthy Relationships

What are relationships about? Do you know that relationships are interviews, games, serious moments, fleeting moments, angry arguments, loving touches, caring gestures, and so many other things wrapped all into one? Relationships are the true measure of success in our lives. Think about it this way, when you die you cannot take your money, your car, your house, your boat, your job, or anything else with you, but you will have your relationships forever. You will not say "I wish I made more money", when you find yourself on your death bed. You are more likely to say, " I wish I would have loved my spouse better", than anything having to do with money. Here are the top characteristics of healthy relationships so that you can find out if you are in a good relationship or not.

1. Communication - This is by far the number one characteristic of a healthy relationship. Without communication the relationship is merely pretend. Communication is not just talking or hearing. It is listening, understanding, non verbal, asking questions, taking time to figure out what is going on, and everything you can think of that has to do with getting your message across and receiving your partners message. There is no point to a relationship or the words you say in a relationship if you cannot back them up with actions that go right along with them. You can say, "I love you", but if you do not show the actions of loving that person, then they are just hallow words.

2. Commitment - It seems funny that in our society today one of the things that we devalue the most is commitment. Sure we want to pretend like we are committed to a relationship, but when we have a divorce rate that is nearly one in two marriages and we have more people living together before marriage or instead of marriage it is hard to say that commitment is there. Commitment is being there no matter what. When you are committed you are there whether the money is or not, whether the health is or not, and whether your spouse is wonderful or needs some work. Your job is to help each other become better versions of yourselves and without the commitment you will never achieve this.

3, Trust - Trust has to come before love because without trust there cannot possibly be love. Trust is an action of love. When you love someone you are willing to trust them with small things and little things. Sure they are going to let you down sometimes, but that is called being human. It is necessary to understand that and you have to continue to give them your trust or they will not want to trust you either. Relationships have to be built on trust for love to ever be a part of it.

4. Love - This is not the last of the characteristics of healthy relationships, but it is one of the most important. It has to come after communication, commitment, and trust, though because you have to have a solid, trusting foundation that is full of good communication and a strong commitment for love to really be a part of the relationship. This is very important because without it your relationship will not end up in marriage or the way you ultimately want it to. These are things that must be present or love will not be there and if that is the case, then you need to rethink the entire relationship.

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